Building Competencies

Resources for Supporting Growth in Confidence, Competence, and Caring in Littles

Academic Skills/Homework Help Fact Monster offers an atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, home work help, sports center, games, quizzes and more. Infoplease offers an encyclopedia, dictionary, almanacs, and homework help. Discovery Education offers free student resources including interactive games, videos, contests, virtual labs and activities designed to help you dive deeper into a topic. The site offers homework help including step-by-step web math designed to help struggling students solve math problems. Funbrain offers math arcade and basketball games by grade level and reading and language activities including Mad Libs games, an online books including one of the Diary of a Whimpy Kid books. PBS Kids provides a variety of interactive games and activities designed to boost reading skills. The activities seem geared for younger children and are probably best suited for Littles ages 5-7. Math is Fun provides interactive online games and activities designed to boost basic math skills. Science News For Kids explores all types of science topics. Kids Gov offers a variety of topics split into two sections: grades k-5 and grades 6-8. Information is provided in a variety of formats including games and videos. Topics include art, jobs, money, exercise, health, Internet safety, government, music, math, reading, science, social studies, and history.

Helping Kids Build Organizational Skills

Help Children Understand Their Learning Style and Improve Studying Habits

Career Exploration Site provides a list of links to career exploration guides and resources for students. Provides parent and teacher resources for career exploration with youth.

Health and Wellness Site provides activity ideas for increasing physical activity, nutrition information and healthy recipes for kids. Kids Health is a website for health and development. The site is divided into sections including tailored specifically to kids, teens, parents, and educators. Topics include nutrition and fitness, emotions and behavior, school and family life, first aid and safety, friendship, body image, goal setting, dealing with stress and more.

Self-Esteem Article offers confidence building tips for adults working with children with low self-esteem.

Tips and Activities for Helping Youth Build Social Skills

Helping Kids Choose Good Friends

Substance Abuse Prevention and Education NIDA for Teens offers what would you do scenarios, drug fact sheets, peer blog, free downloads and more. To Smart To Start is divided into youth, teen and parent sections and offers games, facts, and advice focused on building resilience skills and saying no to underage drinking.

Teaching Through Everyday Experiences and Activities Provides a list of mainstream movie recommendations by moral lesson. Moral/ethical topics include trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. The social emotional index covers topics including alcohol and drug abuse, ambition, courage, disabilities, education, friendship, grieving, justice, leadership, peer pressure, self-esteem and more.

Internet Safety

Healthy Relationships: Teen Dating, Dating Violence Center For Young Women’s Health provides information on healthy relationships and emotional and physical health for teenage girls. Other topics include anger management, eating disorders, friendships, dating, cyberbullying and more. Love Is Respect Website provides information on dating and healthy relationships for teenage boys and girls. Provides an online teen forum on healthy relationships and dating.

Mental Health Site provides information on how mental health disorders impact youth. National Institute of Mental Health provides fact sheets on each mental health diagnosis.


Bullying Site provides information on recognizing risk factors, talking to kids about bullying, and tips for helping kids respond to bullying.


 Other Resources